Bear is a 3 year old Sable cocker x poodle, he is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Bear was signed into rescue by his upset family after he had been booked in to be PTS due to some very difficult circumstances in the home they were no longer able to give him the time and positive attention which he craves and needs. Unfortunately he had become so scared and anxious that the only way he felt he could protect himself was to bite, which he did on a few occasions. The unfortunate circumstances in the home were adding to his anxiety and with his growing bite history they knew the best thing for Bear was to find an experienced new home who can take this boy forward in the right way.

Bear arrived with us fairly quiet but was more than happy to be fussed and loved. He had a couple of incidents where he didn’t get along with our resident dogs but it didn’t seem to bother him and he’d confidently carry on with his day. He was then shortly placed in one of our foster homes where he is currently living and gaining more and more confidence each day, although he does seem to prefer to be around women than men. When he first meets men, he will bark at them so it’s important to allow him to come to you first, or you will get bitten! 

Since living with his fosterers, it has been noted that he has a high level of stress and anxiety over food items, and shows a high level of resource guarding where food is concerned - this involves treats as well as his food bowl and any bits of food that are accidentally dropped on the floor.


He will prolifically guard the food item from other dogs and humans and if he feels that it is going to be taken away from him, they will get bitten. This has also resulted in numerous scraps with another dog in the foster home as he has felt that the item would be stolen from him. He is however slowly learning to share his food bowl with his male fosterer but still appears to be uneasy about this. It is critically important that new owners understand this behaviour completely and can carry on managing it with positive training techniques going forward. Challenging a reource guarder only results in one thing! BITES!


Another issue is that he isn’t very fond of being brushed. He will constantly try to bite the brush, or even your hand to get you to stop. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for Bear as being a poodle cross, he has a high maintenance coat and requires weekly brushing and combing at home as well as a trip to a patient, professional groomer every 6-8 weeks to prevent his coat from becoming matted. His fosterers have been slowly desensitising him to the grooming experience, and he is slowly starting to feel more relaxed. He has been professionally groomed whilst with our fosterers, and although he doesn’t like it, he does seem to tolerate it quite well.
If he was to be rehomed locally, it would be ideal to keep him with his current groomer as he has formed a good relationship, but with the right manner and in time he will trust a new, experienced groomer who is willing to understand his needs. 


Bear is a loving boy and absolutely loves to be with his humans! He will follow you around the house like a little lamb just so that he knows where you are and what you’re doing. He will reward you with so much love and joy as you watch him blossom and build a strong bond with him. He knows basic commands and loves to please you for a treat! 


Bear isn’t too good on the lead and tends to pull a lot but our fosterers are currently working on this with him. He is making some progress but this training will need to continue so that he can enjoy his walks on his lead much better. Unfortunately at the moment, his recall isn’t great as he seems to think ‘I’ll come when I want to come’ but once you have a good bond with him, he will love being with you and will be happy to just follow you. He absolutely loves his long walks, sniffing and exploring and has bags of energy. He will need a home who can provide him with lots of exercise as well as the training time he needs to overcome his lead and recall issues. He is mostly clean in the house, he sleeps upstairs with other dogs at night, although he will settle downstairs if needed and he hasn’t been destructive in the house. He is ok to be left for a few hours but wouldn’t be happy being left for long periods of time. 


Bear isn’t consistently happy with being with other dogs in a pack and will quite often initiate a fight so we feel that he needs to be placed in a home where he would be the only dog. He will bark and chase the resident cat and although this is bit of a pain, he doesn’t intent to hurt her, he just wants to play. Sadly, due to Bear’s biting history, he isnt suitable to be rehomed with resident children or where there are regularly visiting young childen but he is ok with older visting children who understand the rules around dogs. He does generally seem to be happy being out and about with children who are gentle with him. 


We are looking for a dog savvy home who can demonstrate that they understand dog body language, behaviours and most of all will not put Bear under so much pressure or in situations where he feels that he has no alternative to react. 

Bear is currently being fostered in Mansfield, Notts but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and donation.If you have the relevent EXPERIENCE WITH RESOURCE GUARDING and are willing to put in the right training, time and effort with this boy then please email  wonkypetsrescue@gmail.com. 

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