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Last Wednesday evening we received a really genuine heartfelt plea from a distraught owner who's lovely French bulldog had suffered a suspected injury after slipping off the bed around 3 weeks previously.


They had had multiple vet trips with him, really strong pain relief and had rested him as instructed but he was getting worse.......and as they were currently out of work, funds to do more expensive investigations had completely run out.

The owner was heartbroken but reached out to hand over his beloved dog so that he could get the treatment he needed.

Sadly we were full so I suggested other rescue colleagues who might help....they were all full too.


Thursday came and went and there was still nowhere for Bear to go, no rescues could take him.

I couldn't sit by and watch this dog and his owner suffer so we came up with a plan.

Bear would stay in his loving home, but we would support him getting the help he needed so on Friday he was booked into our own vets who agreed with what I had suspected, that Bear needed an MRI scan to confirm a suspected neck/disc injury, we had him referred to the specialist straight away.


Today Bear was admitted to Dovecote Veterinary Hospital where he had his MRI scan, confirming he had a badly slipped disc in his neck causing him the acute pain. He went straight into surgery to have it removed. We are pleased to say the surgery went well and he will remain in the vets for the rest of this week probably whilst he starts to recover and can be weaned off strong pain relief, before being able to go home to his beloved owner.

As you can imagine none of this comes cheap, Bears MRI and surgery today cost £6,500 (that's with a very generous discount and contained costs afforded to us by the specialists who are very good to us).

Bear's owner is so grateful, he never asked for financial help, he never wanted to give Bear up, he just wanted to do right by his friend, and we are so pleased that we have been able to support them both so that Bear can remain in his loving home and be pain free.

Obviously, this has taken a large chunk of funds out of the pot so if this story has touched you and you feel you are able to donate even a £1 towards replenishing what we have spent to help Bear then you can donate either via PayPal to:


or by bank transfer to:
Wonky Pets Rescue sort code 206151 Account 73300501 ref Bear.

Thank you so much for reading.

Rescue isn't always about taking animals in, it’s about doing what's right for animal and owner.

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