Benji is a 2 1/2 yr old working cocker spaniel, he is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance. 

Benji was handed into us after he was displaying some resource guarding issues in his former home, this had escalated since being a young dog and unfortunately resulted in some bite history in the family. Despite engaging with several trainers and behaviourists they reluctantly realised they weren't the right people for Benji and asked for our help. 

Benji spent a brief time in foster where he showed some behaviour similar to that witnessed in his original home but since coming back to me here at the rescue and being handled in an appropriate manner I have really had very few issues and certainly no aggression towards people. 

Benji attaches himself to "his person" very quickly and forms strong protective attachments to the woman of the home, he will then proceed to attempt to guard them. Living alone here with a large pack of dogs, Benji has been trying to guard me against the other dogs and whilst this has improved a lot there are still some ongoing issues needing further work.  

Although he has not shown any issues at all to numerous human visitors here whilst being around me, we know that in a permanent multi person home he will pick his favourite person to guard. With this is mind we feel that in order to provide Benji with the best chance of success he is looking for a very specific home with a single female owner, who does not have a lot of visitors coming in and out of the home and with someone who is experienced with resource guarding behaviour and able to recognise and work with this issue going forward (with our support obviously).  

Benji gets on great with other dogs out and about and loves to play, he is particularly fond of another cocker cross here and because they have a strong friendship he is comfortable with this dog being around me too, so we wouldn't completely rule out him being able to live with another dog BUT it MUST be a dog he can build a relationship with first, so multiple visits would be needed. When out for a walk, Benji can sometimes try and guard his person against other dogs coming to close to you so he needs careful handling. He has great recall though and is good on the lead, he travels well in the car. 

Benji doesnt have separation anxiety and is ok being left for a few hours and sleeps downstairs overnight BUT when you are home he will want to follow you everywhere and is always vying for attention. Part of managing his "obsession" over his person is to limit the interaction with him to be on your terms and not his demands and providing him with his own safe space where he can go and chill. I have been working on "place work" with Benji which is working well. 

Benji has shown no guarding issues here around toys or food BUT remember he has guarded items in his previous home and when mishandled this led to things escalating so people do need to be aware of this and how to handle it correctly. 

Benji isnt great with cats, he will bark and chase so needs a feline free home. As stated already he needs a single owner with no children. 

Benji is being fostered in Swadlincote , South Derbys but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and donation. 

If you feel you meet his criteria IN FULL and feel you can offer the commitment to give this boy the forever home he needs please email us telling us ALL about your home offer in full along with your contact details to wonkypetsrescue@gmail.com  

Any emails received that clearly dont fit the criteria will not be responded to I'm afraid, we spend a long time assessing our dogs and providing detailed homing write ups please extend the same courtesy by not wasting our time "....just because he looks cute " ... Thank you.

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