Lovely 14yr old boy Bobbie joined us on Christmas Eve from the pound last week where he ended up as a stray after running the streets and getting clipped by a car. Emaciated, covered in sore infected skin and hairloss, ataxic and partially incontinent with cataracts and rotten teeth, this poor old boy has been badly neglected for a very long time.

Update - 13/1 - Lovely Bobbie was rushed into the vets yesterday as he had a lot of bleeding coming from his mouth and we really feared the worst. His teeth are awful and he was originally booked in for his dental next week after finishing his antibiotics but yesterday brought all of that forward. There was no obvious mass causing the bleeding and full x-rays were then taken of his jaw to look for any internal masses on the bone. There were some changes to his jaw but it was around the whole jaw bone so no mass was found, our lovely vet wanted to keep his anaesthetic short due to his age, condition and liver disease so she worked quickly to remove the worst teeth for him. He is now on 2 lots of antibiotics, a pain relief, apoquel to help stop him knawing his itchy skin, liver support supplements and of course a suitable diet to help his kidneys ,liver and skin too.  

We are pleased to say that after having a bit of a wobble yesterday this old boy has really bounced back and is doing great. His coat is growing back in brilliantly and he is getting stronger all the time. He has gained even more weight and is looking like a very different boy to the sad skinny, threadbare dog who arrived with us on Xmas Eve