Gorgeous old boy George is looking for a permanent foster home within easy travelling distance of our vets in Swadlincote.

George came to us as a stray some months ago, he is suffering from hyperthyroidism and despite long term treatment we are currently struggling to get it under control but its not helping him being outside in our isolation facility when what he really needs is to be in a warm, loving home.

He has recently had a dental to remove some bad and painful teeth and recovered really well, he has thyroid medication twice daily which he is such a good boy at taking (this would be paid for by us along with all his blood tests and any other treatment at our vets). We suspect that George may well have a tumour on his thyroid as his levels arent coming down and he has only gained a very small amount of weight so is still very thin bless him, if thats the case we will investigate to see if he is a candidate for the Radioactive Iodine Treatment which is highly effective.

George is such a loving, friendly boy, he loves to snuggle up next to you and purrs his little head off, it breaks our hearts that he spends so much time alone when all he wants is love, warmth and good food. He is great with other cats and would tolerate a calm cat friendly dog.

He will need an indoor only home with supervised access to the garden as he mustn't be allowed to wander off whilst needing his treatment. 

If you are local to Swadlincote and can offer a loving supported forever foster home to George please do get in touch for a chat by emailing us at wonkypetsrescue@gmail.com