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Gus is a 2yr old black cockapoo boy who is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 week free pet insurance. 

Well what can we say about this boy...........well there is lots to say but basically he is a spoilt brat who was not given any clear boundaries in his former home, babied and allowed to get away with unacceptable behaviour without being shown what was required of him in the correct way. This escalated into him biting his former owners (single punctures not requiring hospital treatment) and them being scared of him, so much so that they couldn't continue with him and handed him over to us. He is so typical of the cockapoo we have here that are purchased by inexperienced owners who didnt research the issues these anxious, highly strung dogs can have sadly.

Gus has been with us for several months and has been given lots of time to decompress, he has been given his own space but also kindly shown some clearer boundaries, some of which he continues to challenge, others that he has grasped and is seeing the benefit of. In his old home he was overwhelmed with too much unwanted attention, reaching into his space when he wanted to be left alone and unwanted attention at times when he didnt want it. Here he lives within a large pack of dogs with one human so coming for attention when he wants it and getting it in short managed measures suits him brilliantly and he seeks it out more and more. The difference here is his wants and needs are understood and listened to and this needs to continue in a new home. 

Gus lacks lots of basic manners, he gets overstimulated very easily and a huge trigger for him are doors closing (he will bark frantically when he thinks someone is leaving) and when going out for a walk he gets over excited jumping up and mouthing. He can also do this when new people visit or you come home from being out. Ignoring this behaviour doesnt improve things with Gus as it is ingrained in him from being young and not handled correctly so we are working on passing him a toy when he starts to mouth and throwing a treat down when he starts to escalate over doors when he is calm and as a distraction. These things will need committed, calm and capable owners to continue working through probably with the help of a good behaviourist. 

Gus absolutely lives for his walks and he needs LOTS of exercise to keep his mind and body occupied, he has really great recall (even that is a little over enthusiastic and he will charge back to you and launch himself at you) but he loves playing with other dogs and a good game of chase is his favourite thing. He has generally been very good with the dogs he shares his foster home with and it would be beneficial for him to have another steady, calm but playful young neutered dog in his new home. 

He has no issues over food with other dogs or people HOWEVER he is a typical resource guarding cockapoo if he steals something which he considers high value (socks, a shoe or could be an empty crisp packet) we wouldnt say he is the biggest thief we have here by a long way but when guarding an item he will show aggression and have a clear intention to bite if someone were to try and physically remove the item. He has been learning about swopping his item for something of higher value ( a really tasty treat) and this is another work in progress. We dont generally see any guarding on a day to day basis here as opportunities to steal are limited.

Gus has a bit of a stubborn streak and sometimes wont come in from the garden or through a doorway, we find walking away works best and he will follow, any direct challenge or trying to reach into his space to force him would result in him trying to bite.

He walks really well on the lead and travels ok in the car. He is clean and non destructive in the house and will bark when he wants to go out to the toilet. He is ok being left for a few hours especially after a good walk and sleeps downstairs with the other dogs at night although he is the first one up in the morning around 7am. 

Gus is not good with the groomer and arrived a pretty hairy boy, we do our own grooming here as we have many poo types who are very aggressive being groomed and he was up there with the best of them presenting a challenge but we managed to do him safely with some perseverance albeit not the most perfect of grooms. You would need to be able to find a specialist groomer who will take on a dog like Gus as he will need grooming on a regular basis. 

He is ok around dog savvy cats but cannot be homed with children or where there are regularly visiting small children.

Gus will need an experienced home who are committed to his ongoing training with the help of a good behaviourist, he needs a more rural setting as a busy town environment is too over stimulating for him. He will need a home with a large secure garden to play in. 

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbys but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £200

If you feel you have the commitment and skills to offer this boy his forever home then please email us telling us all about yourselves telling us in detail about your experience of training and living with a dog like Gus along with your contact details to

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