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Ivy is a 6 month old blue French bulldog girl she is fully vaccinated,microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed on a spay contract once she is old enough to be done for this reason we will only be rehoming her within easy travelling distance of our vets here
in Swadlincote on this occasion.

Ivy came to us as a 13 week old pup after we received an emergency call from a vet saying that she had been brought in by her breeder with a suspected broken elbow. The vets offered xrays and as they were not orthopaedic vets could only offer amputation, the owner didnt want
that and was authorising them to put Ivy to sleep instead!  We of course immediately said yes to helping her and within the space of 2hrs she was safely in our care.

She was rushed to our wonderful vets who xrayed her and confirmed that she had indeed broken her elbow and for speed of surgery we then transferred her to a top orthopaedic specialist who successfully repaired her break. These types of breaks are notoriously complex and the past 3 months have been VERY hard going not only for us but of course poor Ivy who has needed to spend weeks and weeks and weeks (never ending it seemed at times) on very strict crate rest....not much fun when you are a young pup wanting to get out and run around and play.

Ivy's 2 sets of follow up xrays showed that the break has healed well, all the screws and plates are where they should be however she is still quite lame on the leg even though everything is fully healed, she has had a course of laser therapy and we even sent of an expensive specific swab off of her joint fluid last week just to check there was no infection in there causing the lameness but it's all come back clear so for Ivy we think this is just how she will be from now on.
Her leg isnt painful for her, she shows no improvement on pain relief and it doesnt seem to bother her at all, she is just a bit wonky :) We want to home her within easy travelling distance of our vets here in Swadlincote partly because she will need spaying once she finishes growing (she needs those hormones to help make her bones strong) and also in case of any complications in the future our vet here knows her case to support new owners.

Despite all she has been through Ivy remains the sweetest, most bonkers little adorable girl you could wish for, she has such a lovely temperament and will make a great addition to a loving family home.

She absolutely adores other dogs and she 10000% needs another young playful neutered dog in her new home who will play wrestling and chase with her, she is too much for dogs smaller than her, another young frenchie would be perfect. She is fine with cats (although she wants to play with them too) and we are happy to consider homes with dog savvy children aged 6yrs and over.

Ivy does jump up a lot and still needs work on her basic manners and toileting as it's been so difficult for her needing to be shut away so much. She loves her toys and her food of course, she travels ok in the car, loves the vet and in fact anyone she meets. She will need more
work on the lead as she has only recently started to be allowed out on short walks.

She is ok being left for a couple of hours but being a puppy she really does need someone around a lot of the time. She sleeps quietly downstairs at night.

Being fostered in Swadlincote and can be rehomed within a 25 mile radius as long as you are happy to bring her back here to be spayed. Her adoption donation is £350 and applications are subject to homechecks.

If you feel you can offer this gorgeous pup her forever home please email us telling us all about your home offer, address and contact details to 

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