Louis is a 3yr old Ragdoll boy, he is castrated, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Louis is unfortunately doubly incontinent as a result of a tail pull injury acquired while in his original home, his owner couldn't cope with the care that he needed and was considering PTS but reached out to us to see if we could help. Louis has been with us for nearly 5 months whilst we have been getting to fully understand his needs and make his quality of life the best it can be for him and he is now ready to start the search for a very special, very dedicated forever home of his own.

Louis is a wonderful, typical cuddly ragdoll boy who takes life at his own pace. He loves to be with you, whether that be napping in your arms whilst your watching TV or lying on your feet whilst your working, as long as you're near he's happy.

In between his sloth-like antics of sleeping, stretching and eating will come the mad five, he races around chasing after a ball or pouncing on the string toys. Cat nip on his scratch post makes for a very excitable Louis.

Louis holds the rag doll trait of being a vocal lad, a fluffy alarm clock if you will, he never fails to let you know when it's breakfast or tea time. 

He adores being fussed and combed, head scratches and having his chin brushed is just the best, he gives the loudest of purrs. His gorgeous face, beautiful coat and piercing blue eyes are so easy to fall in love with, paired with his wonderful personality he is a gem but this boy needs a very special home.

Having suffered the tail pull injury he is doubly incontinent, he's pretty good at maintaining himself but will of course have the odd accident. Through no fault of his own he cannot control his bowels and bladder and so he needs a home who understand this and don't mind getting the cleaning products out more than you'd normally need to. He can attempt to use the litter tray at times but will equally then leave a little nugget behind him sometimes. He LOVES Applaws food and has Royal Canin Hypoallergenic dry. These seem to really suit him and help keep his stools nice and firm so that he doesnt get in a mess or sore. 

He has been used to going outside in his former home and we want him to be able to have some freedom to do so again so either supervised access to a secure garden, a cat proofed garden or a large catio would be ideal for this boy. We are confident there is someone out there who has the time, patience and unconditional love that this sweet boy deserves.

Louis was initially very vocal but actually scared of other cats but he has settled brilliantly into a new foster home with other friendly felines and we even caught him napping on the bed with them this morning. He has lived with a cat friendly dog in the past and hasnt been fazed by the cat friendly dogs here. .

He's gone through a lot in his short life, but at only 3 years old this boy has a lot of life left to enjoy and so much love to give, he just needs to find that special someone to share it with.

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbyshire but can be rehomed further afield to the right home subject to homecheck and donation.

If you feel you have the commitment needed to give this handsome lad the forever home he needs please email us telling us all about your home offer and contact details to