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Mabel is a 15 month old Cockapoo, she is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 months free insurance.

Like many of the cockapoo that come into our care Mabel has been handed in due to some basic resource guarding issues and for biting (Level 2 bite, puncture wound not requiring hospital treatment). Each time she has bitten there has been a valid reason however with young grandchildren in the home a lot her owners felt they weren't able to carry on with her.

Mabel is a friendly, happy, typical lively cockapoo girl who LOVES to run and play, she is good with other dogs and is enjoying having some other cockapoo playmates here to play chase and wrestling with, its given her great confidence being with other dogs and we are seeking a new home with another resident neutered cockapoo or spaniel type (preferably a male) so that she can continue to build on the foundations we have laid here.

IMPORTANTLY you MUST have experience and an understanding of resource guarding and how to manage this along with being able to display to us your understanding of dogs body language and the ability to read their signals. 2 of the 3 bite Mabel has given are because this was ignored and she mustn't be set up to fail.

Out and about she loves everyone she meets, she is a sociable girl who loves a fuss. Her recall has been pretty good with us (although we do have an enclosed field), she walks well on the lead, travels ok in the car, is clean and well behaved in the home and hasn't been destructive and is housetrained. She is good with the groomer and with being bathed.

She arrived a bit overweight but is looking a bit fitter now, she enjoys her food and has shown some guarding around her food/bowl but she is left quietly alone to eat here and when finished and moved away her bowl is retrieved with no issue. She must not be given high value long lasting treats as these can be a valued resource to guard.

Mabel wants to live with another neutered young dog who will play with her, she can also live with cats and has been good with the livestock. She cannot be homed with resident children due to her bite history but as long as carefully monitored she would be ok with children who visited infrequently as she actually adores kids.

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbys but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £300

If you have the experience and meet this pretty girls needs please email us telling us in detail all about your home offer and contact details to