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Please meet Monty, he is a 19 week old Border Collie pup who we were asked for help with after his poor owners battled with his health since he was 8 weeks old.

Soon after arriving home with his excited new family Monty began to be sick, immediate visit to the vets to get treatment for him where parasites and intestinal infection were cover off but things didnt really improve.

Montys poor owners were back and forward to different vets desperately seeking some help for their pup who was growing but was painfully thin due to not being able to keep his food down, this in turn was leading to some behavioural issues developing for Monty due to him feeling frustrated, painful and hungry. Eventually he was referred to a specialist who took his condition more seriously and offered a whole range of expensive exploratory tests BUT although his owners had done the responsible thing and insured him, because it had started from the outset they refused to cover any treatment.

Montys poor owners who had tried so hard reached out to the large national rescue centres and collie breed rescues and were turned away! Luckily they found us and were so happy and relieved when we listened to their heartbreaking story and of course offered to help.

So little Monty arrived with us on Monday, at 19 weeks he weighs just 6.8kg, he is painfully thin. He was taken straight to our wonderful vet Kelly Freezer at Bright Side Vets where he had a full range of images and tests, xrays, endoscopy and a barium meal. Initially we thought he may have a vascular ring abnormality which can be helped with surgery however on full investigation and discussions with the soft tissue surgeon team at the specialist centre it was agreed that Monty has a severe case of megaesophagus which sadly has no surgical fix but is a medical management situation for the rest of his life. His poor little throat was ulcerated and sore where food had been sitting in his throat unable to be pushed down into his stomach, his lungs already showed some kinds of congestion which is the biggest risk with this condition, aspirating food into the lungs can quickly cause an aspiration pneumonia which can be fatal if not treated quickly and aggressively.


There is one more test we are waiting on results for for a condition called Myasthenia Gravis which is a disease of the nervous system which contributes to mega E. This is a condition that can be medicated if he has it and could give a little bit of improvement but not a cure.

Feeding is THE most important thing with Mega E, consistency of feeding and feeding slowly from a height, with this in mind we are currently looking at getting a Bailey chair for Monty.

His vet bill so far is heading towards £1k (without the chair) on top of our already huge bills. If anyone would be able to help by contributing to help get Monty well and hopefully onto a longer better quality life you can donate via paypal to


or via bank transfer to Wonky Pets Rescue Sort Code 206151 Account 73300501 ref Monty.

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