This album is dedicated to those animals who have found a lifetime of sanctuary with the rescue.
This could be for a variety of reasons.  Some have medical issues, some have some behavioural problems brought on from past trauma and abuse while others are extremely elderly and just need a safe place to spend their retirement years. 
What all these animals have in common is that they are now loved, safe and well cared for... something they sadly didn't experience before coming to Wonky Pets Rescue.  All these gorgeous creatures are available for sponsorship, please contact us for further details.

18 Sheep
50 Poultry
5 Goats
6 Pigs
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In addition to these animals above we also have the following permanent members of the Wonky Pets Rescue Centre based at Swadlincote and outside Birmingham


Pete a grey alpine

Finnegan and Shamus

Finnegan & Shamus black pigmys

Ronnie & Reggie

Ronnie & Reggie White Alpines


Digger is an 18 month old Cockapoo with some issues so he is staying with us as a Sanctuary dog where he will be looked after and safe.


Loui is now a full time resident, here at Wonky Pets Rescue


Smudge will now be staying with us at Wonky Pets Rescue


Honey will be joining us as a resident member of Wonky Pets Rescue 


Diamond is a 10yr old flowered shar pei who came to us last year in a real mess after having been savagely attacked by another dog. She recovered really well from her surgery but soon after a nasty lump appeared above her eye, on removal it was found to be a high grade cancerous tumour :(


So Diamond remains with as a palliative care girl, she is happy and well at the moment and receiving the very best of everything

Ray Wrinkles

Ray Wrinkles is now one of our treasured members of the Wonky Pets Rescue family

Polar & Sonar

These two lovely kittens have found their forever home with Wonky Pets Rescue


Rooney will be staying with us as his Forever Home

Primrose & Snowdrop

Primrose & Snowdrop will now be staying with us at Wonky Pets Rescue


Sadly no one wants lovely Lenny so he will stay with us at the Rescue Centre and be loved by us.

Amy & Amelia

Amy and Amelia are now going to stay with us at Wonky Pets Rescue Centre.

Lucie cat

Sadly no one wants lovely Lucie cat so she will stay with us at the Rescue Centre and be loved by us.

Amos and Annie

Amos and Annie sadly no-one wants hese two lovely kittens, and so will stay with us to be loved and looked after.


Now one of our forever animals as no one wanted to offer this pair a home so they are staying with us on our smallholding.  Chloe and Claude (below) came to us from a hoarders house where there 38 cats in total, sadly as in many of these cases, many of the younger cats were completely unsocialised and not used to being handled by people. We have been working hard with these two little ones for several weeks but they are simply finding it way too stressful being in a domestic environment and are so much happier when they have some freedom of an outdoor cattery so we have reluctantly decided that we need to find them a farm/smallholding/stable type home where they can live alongside people but not have to be touched or confined. In return we are sure these youngsters will prove to be good at keeping the mice away.


Amber is just one of the several semi feral cats that have a permanent place here at the rescue. She and the others enjoy having acres of woodland to roam in, plenty of food on tap and the warmth and safely of a home when they choose it.


Heidi is a 2yr old deaf Great Dane girl who has also has a heart murmur. 
Heidi spent the first two yrs of her life on a remote smallholding in Scotland and sadly this left her petrified of the world.  She is remaining as a sanctuary dog where she is really settled with the pack and has 4 acres of secure land of her own to be able to gallop around in. 

Louby Lou

Louby Lou is deaf and is a permanent santuary resident due to some behavioural issues that she has. 

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