This album is dedicated to those animals who have found a lifetime of sanctuary with the rescue.
This could be for a variety of reasons.  Some have medical issues, some have some behavioural problems brought on from past trauma and abuse while others are extremely elderly and just need a safe place to spend their retirement years. 
What all these animals have in common is that they are now loved, safe and well cared for... something they sadly didn't experience before coming to Wonky Pets Rescue.  All these gorgeous creatures are available for sponsorship, please contact us for further details.

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 Below are a list of the many of our animals we  have as permanent

members of the Wonky Pets Rescue Centre based at Swadlincote

Mars & Jupiter

Mars and Jupiter are a pair of Texel guinea pig males, they are father and son and are a well bonded pair. Mars is nearly 3 and Jupiter is 1.

This quite new breed of guinea pig have beautiful long wavy coats that require a lot of care and grooming so they don’t end up matted and with overgrown coats so they are looking for a home with experienced guinea pig owners.

Mars has a couple of cysts that have been checked out by the vets but they don’t cause him any issues but care just need to be taken when grooming him. 

They have been used to living indoors but would enjoy spending time outside during the warmer months and having access to be able to nibble on grass in a nice safe run. 

Guinea pigs need access to nice quality hay, some guinea pig pellet food and a daily variety of fresh veg to provide them with vit C they need. 

These are not suitable guinea pigs for children because of the maintenance needed but they are are friendly boys, Mars is happier being picked up and stroked whilst Jupiter likes to male a bit of a song and dance  

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbys but can be rehomed further afield to the right home. An adoption donation of £40 applies for these boys. (an indoor cage can be included)

If you have the relevant experience, time and suitable accommodation for these lovely boys please email us telling us all about your home offer to


Jasper & Bandit

RESERVED - Bandit and Jasper are a gorgeous pair of 18 month old black lop eared rabbits, they are brothers and very bonded. They have been castrated and vaccinated and are looking for a home together. 

These gorgeous boys were handed into us after thier owner could not longer care for them. They are super boys who have been well handled and are super inquisitive and cheeky.

They will need a new home with PLENTY OF LIVING SPACE, either a very large double hutch with a large run permently attached or a converted shed with outside access too. 

They will need a small amount of rabbit pellets (although they like to throw their bowl around) good quality hay and some fresh greens to eat daily. 

Being fostered in Swadlincote but can be rehomed further afield to the right home. There is an adoption donation of £60 for this pair of lovely boys. 

If you can offer them what they need please email us at with details of your home offer and accommodation.

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