Peggy Pickles is a nearly 11 yr old Shih tzu x terrier. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Peggy Pickles came to us from another rescue who struggle to home more mature dogs, we were happy to bring her into foster with us so we could get to know her and help find her forever home.

Peggy Pickle was in the same home since a pup but sadly through no fault of her own needed to be rehomed. Despite always having some anxieties she had only ever snapped but not bitten but the next home she went too tried too much too soon and sadly she did bite them when she was startled when she was asleep hence she found herself in our friends rescue. She unfortunately also bit new owners again which seemed to be triggered by some resource guarding over a piece of rubbish on the floor and then trying to adjust her collar which may have startled her. Its frustrating as we havent seen any attempts to bite whilst in foster/rescue for a year.

She needs a very terrier experienced and savvy home who will be hands off with her at first until that bond and trust is there this can take weeks not just days. We have had no serious issues with her in foster because we gave her time and space.

Peggy Pickle is a lively 10 year old and often gets mistaken for a puppy. She likes going for long walks and runs in the countryside. She loves going to the beach and chasing stones! She enjoys playing with people, but when she’s out she prefers to run, sniff and roll! She will need an active home who can provide hour long daily walks. She is great on the lead and travels well in a crate.

Peggy Pickle is a very loving dog. She loves a tummy tickle and cuddles on the sofa with people she trusts (but she doesn’t like being startled, especially if she’s sleeping this is where the bite happened) She is very loyal and protective.

Peggy Pickle loves peanut butter in her kong toy and chasing her raccoon toy. She loves squeaky toys and will happily remove the squeak and disarm it within minutes! but she can get protective of the squeaker and guard it.

She is a delightful, welcoming little dog she has shown no issues or reluctance to welcome new people into her home or outside on walks but she does not like it when people reach down suddenly to her so it’s best to do things on her level at her pace.

She was attacked twice by larger dogs previously but despite this she is reasonably comfortable around most dogs especially out and about but she can guard from other dogs in the home and has been a bit of a bully to another quiet elder dog in foster so we are looking for a home where she is the only pet. She needs an adult only home with a single person or couple.

She is clean in the house non destructive and has no issues around food. She enjoys having quiet time and her own space in a comfy crate and will take herself off there for a snooze where she can be left alone. She is a good girl being groomed too and she will need to see the groomer every 8 weeks as her coat gets quite long.

Being fostered in Hinstock nr Market Drayton Shrops but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and donation of £250

If you can offer an active terrier experienced home for this girl please email us telling us all about your home offer and contact details to