Arthur is a 12yr collie cross, he is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Arthur arrived with us several months ago in a shocking state. He had been found in a ditch with a severe injury to his leg, the vet feels he had been there several days as the wound was not fresh, how he even survived we dont know. There are some graphic pictures in the comments of his injury. He spent the first 12 days in the vets having his wound stitched, cleaned and treated and then moved into our foster care. 

Arthur needed lots of antibiotics and care but healed amazingly well, his leg injury has left him with no long term damage to his leg which is now fully healed.

When Arthur arrived at the vets they initially thought someone had shaved him as he had so much fur loss all over his back however we quickly realised this not to be the case and suspected a medical reason after parasites had been ruled out. Our further veterinary tests confirmed that Arthur has Cushings Disease. The only typical symptom he is displaying is the hairloss and some slightly weakening on muscle tone but as we have only known him a few months we dont know how much if this is just age related too. His condition was easily controlled back to normal levels with a low dose of Veteryl which he will need to take daily. His cortisone levels are all back in normal range now. Other than this Arthur has a clean bill of health, he has had his teeth cleaned too.

Arthur is a cracking boy, he has an absolutely lovely nature and even when he must have been in so much pain he never so much as grumbled, he is a sweetheart. 

Arthur has obviously been through a lot and his abandonment when so severely injured has left him with some emotional scars. He bonds with his person strongly and has especially bonded to the senior member of his foster family. He sleeps at his feet or on the bed with him and can struggle at times when left alone. He has been able to break out of a crate and break through a door causing damage when trying to look for his person when he needed to spend a few days in hospital and he thought he wasnt coming home but on other occasions when left a couple of hours for shopping trips etc he has been fine and just slept. It's a challenge to gave a dog with separation issues we understand that and is why we want to be open and upfront with this anxiety this lovely boy has through no fault of his own as we dont want him returned because he has chewed a door frame etc. 

Arthur is good with other dogs and definitely prefers those of similar energy levels rather than boistrous youngsters who try and jump on him, he will tell them off. He isnt tested with cats. He would like a canine friend in his new home but it's his human he really wants to be with all of the time so his priority is a home where someone around most of the time. 

Arthur loves his walks and is a perfect gent on the lead, he doesnt pull and walks at a steady pace. He is good offlead and just pootles around and comes back when called. He travels well in the car too.

He is clean in the house, he can be a bit of a food thief and will jump up to steal food items left on counters within his reach so care needs to be taken to move things he should have out of his way. He enjoys his wet and dry food twice a day and eats well.

Arthur would be fine with visiting children of any age and could live with quieter sensible children age 8yrs plus.

He will need a nice secure garden to be able to lie out in the sunshine which he loves.

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbyshire but can be rehomed further afield to the right home subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £150

If you can offer this loving boy his forever home after he has been through so much please email us telling us all about your home offer including contact details to