Pippin is a 2 year old cocker x poodle, he is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Pippin was signed into rescue due to his growing bite history and his previous owners knew the best thing for him was to find an experienced new home who can take this boy forward in the right way.

When Pippin first arrived at his foster home, he seemed to bond easily with the male in the house and it was apparent that he much preferred to be around him rather than the female fosterer. He seemed to be ‘on edge’ around his female fosterer but with lots of time, patience and love, he now enjoys being with her just as much as he does his male fosterer. This also seemed to be the same around others outside of the home - he was much more comfortable around males, however he has just begun to approach females willingly now too. This is something that his new owners need to be aware of and give him time to build trust in you. 

Pippin has been with his fosterers for a couple of months now and it was noted immediately that he bites when startled. It is important that Pippin has his own space and his new owners give him some sort of warning that they are around when going near him, especially if he is asleep or isn’t expecting you to ‘appear from nowhere’. Since Pippin has become more and more comfortable around his fosterers, his anxieties around this has reduced significantly but we’d expect these reactions to return in his new home, at least until he’s familiar with his new surroundings and his new owners. This is something that his new owners need to be prepared to work with and not give up on him. 

Pippin is a prolific thief! He will literally steal anything and everything, from the TV remote, to toilet rolls, to empty wrappers! You can actually see him walking around the house, ‘going on the hunt’, for his next piece of treasure. When he finally sees what he would like, he’ll pounce on it before you’ve even had chance to see it, guard it and then begin to destroy it. His fosterers have been working hard on praising him for playing with dog toys so that he knows what he can have. They have also been working on the ‘leave’ command and swapping the treasure for something if a higher value. Pippin is getting much better at this and will quite often volunteer to give it up now. It is important that his new owners understand this behaviour completely and can carry on managing it with positive training techniques going forward. Challenging a resource guarder only results in one thing! BITES!

It’s very apparent that he doesn’t have much interest in dog toys, to the point that he doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys. He does show more of an interest in balls than soft toys but even then, he doesn’t want to play with it for long. Pippin much prefers to play with other dogs instead. He absolutely adores one of the other dogs in the foster home, they just never stop playing and it’s lovely to see! They play really nicely together. We feel that it’s important for Pippin to be rehomed with another playful neutered dog, perhaps who’s a similar age and size, although he will play with bigger dogs too. He is ok to live with dog savvy cats too.

Pippin is a very loving boy once he feels comfortable around you. It took him a few weeks to settle in as he much preferred to take himself away to his bed rather than be in the main living area with his fosterers and their resident dogs. He would quite often stand in the doorway as if he was asking for permission to come in, but with lots of encouragement and plenty of time he now choses to come and and get comfortable with the family. 

Pippin really enjoys his walks on the lead and gets so excited when you get his lead out. Unfortunately at the moment, his recall isn’t 100% as he sometimes thinks ‘I’ll come when I want to come’ but once you have a good bond with him, he will love being with you and will be happy to just follow you if you walk in the opposite direction. He absolutely loves his long walks, sniffing and exploring and has bags of energy. In typical resource guarder style, Pippin will always ‘find’ something on almost every walk and carry it home with him. He will need a home who can provide him with lots of exercise in all weathers! 

He currently sleeps downstairs in the kitchen at night, although he will settle upstairs as long as he has his own space where he won’t be disturbed or startled by anyone. He is ok to be left for a few hours but wouldn’t be happy being left for long periods of time. 

From the experience that the fosterers have had with Pippin being around young children, he seems to be ok with their company if they leave him alone, however due to his biting history, we feel it wouldn’t be suitable to rehome him with resident children, but he would be fine to be around sensible, older children who visit. 

We are looking for a very dog savvy home who can demonstrate that they understand dog body language, behaviours and most of all will not put Pippin under so much pressure or in situations where he feels that he has no alternative to react. 

He is currently being fostered in Mansfield, Notts but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and donation.

If you have the relevant EXPERIENCE WITH RESOURCE GUARDING and are willing to put in the right training, time and effort with this boy then please email us telling us all about your home offer and contact details to wonkypetsrescue@gmail.com 

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