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The Wonky Pets team were contacted by DOG StreamZ who developed a new dog collar to help dogs improve their natural healing process. and offered to donate us some to trial on some of our dogs. As a rescue solely relying on donations and after researching what these collars were doing for many other dogs and were more than happy to try them out. 

A collar was given to Bonnie one of long term supporters rescue dog (The beautiful dog running in the attached image). Bonnie is almost 12 years old and as a retired agility dog was showing signs of stiffness and a lack of mobility, choosing not to get out of bed or jump onto her favourite chair. After a few days of wearing the DOG StreamZ collar she virtually raced out of her bed and seemed far more free in her movement. We have seen an improvement in her general range of movement and willingness to run fast and she is now jumping back on her chair again!

One of our Wonky Pets dogs to try the collar was Dakota a young shar pei. We were speechless when Dakota came to us, abandoned at the back of a garden in an awful state with severe hairloss. She was struggling to re grow her coat despite getting all the treatment we could give her and we wanted to try this collar on her as we were keen to see what impact it could have on helping her coat grow quicker, something StreamZ suggested would help. Although very hard to quantify we do believe that as soon as the collar was worn the hair began to grow back quicker than before, she seemed happier in herself and is now well on the way to getting a lovely coat again we hope.

Whether you are considering the StreamZ technology for a specific reason or just to help an older dog we would highly recommend giving them a go. 

The team at StreamZ have shown commitment to the work we do and have setup a discount code on their website which not only gives you £5 off but also creates a much needed £5 donation to our charity. An ideal Christmas gift for you dog which in turn would really help us. 

USE THE CODE ‘wonky5’ at

to get a £5 discount and donate £5 to Wonky Pets Rescue.

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