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Sadly gorgeous girl Suzie is back with us looking for the right home, unfortunately, YET AGAIN people have failed to listen and act on the detailed instructions and help we offer on rehoming, especially important when its an anxious dog with a history of a bite.

Suzie was only away from us for less than 3 days but had been subjected to so much and was so overwhelmed and anxious when she arrived back its taken until now to get her back on an even keel and ready to start her rehoming journey all over again. If you meet her criteria below but more importantly are willing to LISTEN AND FOLLOW OUR ADVICE ON THE DOG WE KNOW BEST then please drop us an email.



Suzie is a 9 month old apricot cockapoo, she is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated and has a clean bill of health. She will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Suzie came to us after her elderly owner realised she never should have had Suzie and was out of her depth with her when she began resource guarding and finally gave her a nip (single bite causing a puncture). Its really not surprising that this issue has surfaced with Suzie as she was bored, under stimulated and under exercised, she didnt even have a garden to run in sadly. But the good news is she is still young and now has a whole new future to look forward to.

Suzie is a typical anxious cockapoo and when she is scared, unsure or unhappy with something she learned in her old home that snapping does the trick and the issue mostly goes away.

Suzie is what we would class as a basic resource guarder, her favourite prize is a tissue or a sock/piece of clothing which she loves to steal and then will try guarding it. She is easily distracted away from her prize though with a high value treat thrown in the opposite direction however or even making an exciting game with a toy, as with any guarder. Reach in to her space whilst she is guarding though and it will result in one thing.....a bite. Upon saying that though we haven't seen any of that behaviour here because she isnt put into situations that she is uncomfortable with she is exercised and mentally stimulated, in fact she has been a little sweetheart 99% of the time.

Suzie is a very affectionate, loving and attentive girl who loves a fuss and she is a bit of a kisser. She has always slept on her owners bed and does the same here with us in fact she has to sleep on the pillow right next to you so she is touching you  so you need to be prepared for a bed buddy! She is a great cuddler BUT like most of these anxious dogs she also doesnt like being over handled UNDERSTANDING AND READING HER BODY LANGUAGE IS ESSENTIAL. You need to take your time and build a strong bond with her before pushing her.

Suzie is great with other dogs especially ones around her size as she loves to play chase, we definitely want her to have another playful young neutered dog in her new home as it will help to continue to build her confidence levels. She doesn't guard food or toys and doesnt guard against other dogs. We wouldn't set her up to fail by giving any long lasting treats though as its just too high value for a guarder.

She isnt good with cats, she will bark at and chase them if they run and sadly we cannot home her with resident children under 16yrs. She has been absolutely fine with sensible visiting children 10yrs plus here and is delighted to see children out and about.

Suzie will need regular grooming every 8 weeks and getting used to being brushed regularly, she is nervous of the grooming process but treats, praise and gentle brushing whilst she is clipped short is working well.

She walks really well on the lead and although she had never been let off to have a good run before she is loving her walks on our secure land and just wants to be with you. She absolutely loves a good run and to chase a ball. She travels ok in the car, she is clean in the house.

She is used to having someone around for most of the time and when you are at home she wants to be with you and will follow you from room to room. She would be ok being left for a few hours with another dog once she has had a good amount of exercise but would not cope well being left for any significant amount of time. She is crate trained (in her former home, we dont use them here)

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbys but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and donation of £300

If you have the experience and commitment to offer this pretty girl her forever home please email us telling us in detail all about your home offer and your understanding of managing a resource guarder along with your location and contact number to

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