Tinkerbelle our little palliative care girl -


Tinkerbelle spent the day at the wonderful Bright Side Vets today being taken very good care of.

She was sedated for a full set of xrays, firstly of her huge lump on her head. It revealed no skull fracture or obvious trauma so our vet was confident she could safely take a fine need aspiration. The fluidy stringing substance that came out was unusual and gave no immediate answer as we expected but has been sent off to the lab for analysis.

Onto the xrays of her heart and abdomen which pretty much confirmed no pregnancy and we believe her to have been having a phantom pregnancy after learning she lost her last litter of puppies.

Sadly though the imaging of her chest revealed a lot of congestion and a very enlarged heart which is awful news. Tinks has been started on some additional meds to support her heart further and will be closely monitored. Given her heart condition and being confident if no pregnancy we did not proceed with her spay as we wanted to keep her anaesthetic nice and short this time given the findings.

She is back home with her foster mum getting plenty of rest and TLC. We dont know what the future holds for this little darling but we do know one thing and that is she will get the best treatment we can give her to keep her happy and well as long as we can.