Unfortunately Sylar's recent home trial didn't work out so he is still looking for his forever home. 

Sylar is a 9 month old Thai Ridgeback boy. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Sylar is looking for a high energy, super active home who are committed to training, this super boy is friendly and loving BUT he needs to be kept both mentally and physically occupied.

Sylar is an energetic boy who loves tearing around the house, having a rough and tumble with other dogs or humans. He loves toys and especially anything he can chew so needs lots to keep him occupied.

He is suitable to live with spayed bitches but struggles with other male dogs in the home environment.

He has a very big personality and can be entertainingly dramatic when he wants something. He gets hangry and will throw his food tin around while barking if not fed quick enough for him!

He is super friendly and loves everybody he meets on sight. He gets on very well with other dogs our and about. 

He is not suitable for a household with children under 12 due to his boisterous nature and strength and cannot live with cats or small furries. We would prefer him homes with a large breed female to show him the ropes but will consider as the inky dog to the right experienced home who will continue to socialise him well.

At 9 months he's already nearly 25kg and is going to be a big boy!

Sylar needs a home where he will have lots of time spent on exercising and training him.

He is highly intelligent. He can learn a new command in just a few minutes and will retain it as long as it is then reinforced frequently. He does however have a very short attention span and is easily distracted but that's just part of being a puppy. He knows all the basic commands but can be very stubborn and refuse to do them if not motivated, a typical Thai really.

Due to his high energy and intelligence, Sylar gets bored quickly when not occupied and can get destructive. He shouldn't be left alone for prolonged periods and even when not alone he requires some supervision. He has been known to be destructive when left for longer periods or if he becomes bored

He needs to be in a home with a secure garden with a minimum 6ft fence. He can already jump quite high.

He loves cuddles, being stroked and sitting with his humans (preferably on top of you if given a chance!). He is not only heavy but very strong and will need a fit and healthy household to take care of him.

Sylar is currently in Dartford. He isnt officially a Wonky Pets dog but we are working with our very good friends at New Hope Animal rescue to help secure him the perfect home. A homecheck and adoption donation of £250 applies.

If you feel you can offer this boy a committed home, have experience with this special oriental breed and have the time and energy to invest in his future please email us in the first instance telling us how you can meet his needs to