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Zeus is a seven year old cocker spaniel, he is neutered, vaccinated,
microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Zeus came to us after his elderly lady owner was no longer able to
care for him. Unfortunately he had severe ear and eye infections which have taken several weeks of treatment to get right, he is now pretty much sorted. Zeus was also very overweight when he arrived but with the correct diet and gentle exercise he has already lost over 4kg and is now 18kg. He still has a way to go so new owners need to be committed to keeping this up as he is like a different dog now he has more energy and less fat to carry around.

Zeus has been a spoilt boy who is used to having one person's
undivided attention, he is a very loving boy but will bond with one
person and follows them everywhere, he can then struggle to be apart
from that one person, albeit he can be distracted by others if they
sit or play with him. He will follow commands of that one person but
tends to ignore everyone else in his foster family.

He displays mild separation anxiety, but is very well behaved in
outdoor social settings and has been to many work meetings, hobby
environments and loves spending time at the fosterers allotment with
us lying in the sunshine or pottering around.

Zeus loves a ball but can display mild resource guarding issues when
it comes to toys or something he's not allowed to have such as a pair
of socks or stolen pizza from the bin! He can however, be easily be
distracted from his prized possession with another ball or treat. He
loves a sofa and a human bed, but will settle elsewhere after
establishing a routine. He can be stubborn and will not move from a
sofa or bed if he doesn't want to. He does not like being moved by
holding his collar but will move when nudged or called. He will growl
to warn him if he is not happy.

He is fully house trained and has never messed in the house. Despite
mild resource guarding he eats his usual meals with other dogs without any issues. He is great with other dogs and cats and can happily live with another laid back dog but would be equally happy with just humans to spoil him.

Zeus will  need someone who either works from home, is home a lot or is retired and active. He can be left for a few hours and will settle
after a good walk and a routine, he will need a nice secure garden and ideally a more semi rural environment rather than in a city. He isnt used to living with children so is best in an adult only home but
sensible visiting will be absolutely fine.

He walks really well on and off lead and his recall is brilliant. He
loves a walk and a run now he is getting fitter and he travels well in
the car. He is good with the vet but wasnt so impressed with the
groomer recently. He learns new tricks, commands and routines very
quickly and is an all round lovely boy. Zeus needs an experienced dog
owner who will keep up with his training and continue with his
weight-loss. He is a quirky, but lovely, cuddly boy.

Zeus is being fostered in Swadlincote but can be rehomed further
afield to the right spaniel savvy home subject to homecheck and
adoption donation of £200

If you can offer this beautiful boy the spaniel experienced home he
needs please email us telling us all about your home offer IN DETAIL
along with your full address and contact number to

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