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Sidney is a 15yr old collie x terrier (we think) he is medium sized and weighs around 17kg. He is castrated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Sidney is seeking a long term permanent foster home you MUST be within easy travelling distance of one of our vets in Northampton, Tamworth or Swadlincote so we can provide back up for any future medical needs he may have as we will cover his vet bills for life. We would consider
a permanent adoptive home outside these areas but would not be able to cover his future vet bills.

Sidney came to us a couple of months ago from the stray pound, at nearly 15yrs old it was no place for a dog like him. He was in a bit of a state, he was underweight, was filthy dirty, had eye infections and had severe hair loss all down his back. He has since flourished since being with us. Sidney has some sebaceous cysts on his back which
don't need treatment or cause any concern, his blood tests were all good, he has some age related arthritis and we are using Joint supplements, Turmeric paste and CBD oil to support him and he is already much improved. He does have some start of doggy dementia which presents itself in the evenings when he can struggle to settle for the
night so he has been prescribed Gabapentin which he takes in his evening meal which really does the trick and helps him have a peaceful sleep.

Sidney is a lovely natured boy, he takes most things in his stride. He is great with other dogs and can happily live with others who are not too young and bouncy given his age, he enjoys a quieter life pottering around. He sadly will bark at and try and chase cats so needs a feline
free home and he will need a home with older dog savvy children aged 10yrs and over. He was great with the vets.

Sidney is ok being left a few hours, he is clean in the house and will definitely need a home with a nice secure garden that he can enjoy. He walks nicely on the lead but will get excited and bark at people when he sees them out so a handler will need to be strong enough to hold and control him, there is no malice behind it just over excitement at wanting to say hello to everyone.  He travels ok in the car so would enjoy going on more rural walks or if you have a nice large garden he would probably be happy just plodding around there.

Sidney will make a lovely companion to someone looking for a nice friendly dog to love.

Currently being fostered in Newnham, South Northants.

If you can offer this lovely lad the retirement home that he so deserves please email us telling us ALL about your home offer in detail along with your full address and contact details to

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