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Special Urgent Appeal for Funds

This page is dedicated to highlighting Wonky Pets requests for Special Appeals please help.

A few days ago we received a call from a fellow rescuer about an urgent situation, a number of dogs had just been pulled from the most appalling conditions and in the most appalling states, all the dogs were covered in their own urine and faeces, coats matted, filthy and stinking, emaciated bodies, nails like talons, ear infections, eye infections, the most rotten mouths absolutely full of blackened teeth some actually falling out.


A puppy farm? a breeder? these dogs were pulled from a so called rescue who had neglected these poor dogs so badly, they hadnt been out of a kennel in at least 7 months, never walked,, hardly ever fed and no veterinary treatment that they so desperately need. 

We have taken 4 of these dogs under our wing, meet Peaky (who is blind), Shelby the only cream boy, Chester and Kimber.

All 4 have had a lovely groom, seen our vet and started on antibiotics, ear and eye treatment and are booked in for extensive dentals next week once their infection is a bit more under control. 

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of neglect, a quick phone call asking for help would be all that was needed and the rescue world would have stepped in as we have done now....just a shame these poor dogs have had to suffer all these months. 



If anyone would like to make a donation towards their large vet bills (it will be in excess of £2k easily)

Our paypal is or bank details are:

Wonky Pets Rescue:

Sort code 206151
A/c 73300501  (ref Peaky Blinders) 

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