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Nancy is an 18 month old Neapolitan Mastiff girl, she is spayed,

microchipped, fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated. She has
recently had a cherry eye repaired and some excess cartilage removed
from one eye. She will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Nancy found herself in the stray pound can you believe and wasn't
claimed, we were so happy to be able to offer her a safe rescue space
a couple of months ago, she has been living with us since being
assessed and having her medical work completed.

Living with Nancy is like living with a big friendly, kissy, bonkers
baby hippo, she is a clumsy, bouncy, VERY loving, cuddle monster who
we adore, whoever gets to have her in their life will be very lucky
indeed and we are looking for an experienced 5 star home for our
gorgeous lump of love.

Nancy not only adores attention from her humans but she loves playing
with other dogs, she plays a very rough game and loves to charge
around the paddock, play wrestling in the house and will dive bomb a
willing playmate for a good rough and tumble. She can get a bit OTT at
times and if another dog tells her off she can sometimes have a go
back but she has never hurt another dogs here she can just be very
full on.  Experienced Neo owners will probably recognise this trait in
the breed as most we have known are exactly the same.

Nancy will need a home with another young, neutered very playful but
placid large breed, preferably male. She currently weighs nearly 50kg
and still has a bit of filling out to do, her favourite playmates here
are the Great Danes.

Nancy is a good girl in the house, she is house trained, non
destructive and sleeps downstairs quietly at night, she is ok being
left for short periods but wouldnt want to be alone for too long.  She
is strong on the lead but manageable for an experienced large breed
owner, she will happily jump in the car and travels really well.

Nancy loves her food and gets very excited at meal times, we have seen
no issues with her around food but she is fed in her own area away
from the other dogs and we leave her to eat in peace.

Nancy's worst habit is jumping up, we have been working on it with her
but there is still a way to go, because of this then we have to ask
that any resident children in the home are older (12yrs plus) and very
large breed savvy as she will knock them flying otherwise. She isnt
too bothered with the livestock here.

She will need a home with a nice sized garden to play in that is
securely fenced, she really loves her walks and will need someone who
can give her the exercise she needs.

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbys but can be rehomed further
afield to the perfect home subject to homecheck and adoption donation
of £300

If you have Neo experience and fit the bill to offer this lovely lass
the forever home she needs please email us telling us all about your
home offer in detail (along with your full address and contact number)

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