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Suki and Sadie are a bichon and cavachon (we think) mother and
daughter who are around 2-3 and 1-2yrs respectively, they are
incredibly bonded and must stay together. They are both spayed, fully
vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and got a clean bill
of health. They will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Suki and Sadie came to us from the pound back in early February after
they had been found dumped, they were in a mess with overgrown filthy
coats, long nails and completely traumatised and unsocialised. The
likelihood is they were from a puppy farm/breeding type background and
no longer wanted so disposed of in the most callous way.

Suki and Sadie have spent 3 months with us in an experienced foster
home where they have been getting used to home life, they have come a
very long way but as with all these types of dogs still have a way to
go on their journey but its the right time to now start to look for
their special people who can help them continue on that path with lots
of time, patience and experience of nervous little dogs who can also
be little monkeys at times :)

Suki is mum, she was the most shutdown of the dogs and simply didn't
cope when briefly split from Sadie. She is still very shy but a really
sweet girl who will now accept fuss from her foster family and is
happy and waggy tailed when greeting them. Sadie is a cheeky girl who
is still very puppy like in many ways, she is a thief and loves to run
off with your shoe or anything else you may leave laying around and
its been lovely watching her start to understand what toys are for.
She of course lacks the social skills of a well socialised pup and
will get over excited on greeting you and nip your leg or trousers,
there is no malice behind it, its purely her way of expressing her
excitement but it is something a new home needs to be prepared for,
especially around visitors and children.

Both girls are still a work in progress with regard to walking on a
lead, they will now accept a harness on and have been following a
treat trail whilst on a lead within the garden but this is something
that will need more work from their new family on a 1-2-1 basis, they
are not dogs you will simply be able to take home and take out for a
walk.  They will need a home with a nice fully secure garden to play
in and to practice their lead work and going on from that will need a
quieter area for walks once confident enough as busy roads and noisy
places will be terrifying for them. Security is of paramount
importance especially during that critical bonding time once they come

Suki and Sadie have done well with their house training and have been
following the other foster dogs outside, they sleep quietly together
down stairs at night and are fine being left for a few hours in the
daytime. They are absolutely fine with other dogs and could happily
live with others and could possibly live with dog savvy cats. Resident
children will need to be aged 8yrs plus and dog savvy.

They both really enjoy their wet and dry food and have no issues
around food or toys with people or other dogs.

Being fostered in Swadlincote but can be rehomed further afield to the
right home subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £350 for the
If you can offer these special girls a very experienced, committed and
patient home please email us telling us all about your home offer
along with your full address and contact number to

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