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Darwin is an 9yr old male poodle (standard x miniature so medium
sized), he is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and has a clean bill
of health

Darwin originally came to his rescue via another poodle rescue and was
adopted out 3 years ago. Unfortunately he has been returned to the
rescue's care recently as his resource guarding has been spiralling
and not been dealt with appropriately in his adoptive home leading him
to bite (Level 2 bite bruising and puncturing the skin).

We are told he is the perfect boy in the daytime, well trained, quiet,
obedient and well behaved but in the evenings he increasingly began
stealing items and then guarding them for attention. Sadly when his
owner tried to remove a stolen remote control from him it resulted in
a bite incident leading to his return.

Since arriving here we have found him to be a nice social chap with no
huge issues but things are managed much more carefully in the rescue.
Some mild resource guarding has been seen around toys etc but he is
happy to swap out for something of higher value and seems to greet
people confidently.

He is well trained, housebroken, calm and non destructive in the home.
He travels well in the car, Walks well on the lead and is bombproof
and submissive with dogs. He's even ok with dog savvy cats.
Unfortunately due to the bite history he cannot be homed with resident
children under 18yrs.

He's generally a bit moany and spoiled when he's not getting his way
but we think he's maybe been pandered to. He needs clear commands,
direction and boundaries to succeed.

He needs a home experienced with resource guarding and the confidence
to address it. If Darwin's resource guarding is not addressed he
escalates and will take advantage as clearly happened in his former

There is an adoption donation for Darwin of £195, he is currently located in Wrangle nr Boston, Lincs and prospective adopters need to be prepared to travel there to meet with him and his rescue. Subject to homecheck.

If you feel you could have the experience to give this beautiful lad his
forever home please email us in the first instance telling us
all about yourself, your home, working hours, any other pets and of
course your experience with dogs like him along with your full address
and contact details to



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