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Dotty is a 3yr old red toy poodle (she is tiny), she is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed
with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Dotty came to us via a vets after she was signed over by her owner. Dottie had an unfortunate incident when chasing a ball and managed to badly dislocate her shoulder, she needed surgery to put the shoulder back into place which her owner had completed but was then struggling with her aftercare and rehabilitation which has taken another 7 weeks
so she did the right thing for Dottie and asked for the correct help.

Dotty has done amazingly well in her lovely quiet foster home with us, she has had her own little very comfy rest area where she initially had to spend lots of her time resting her shoulder, she initially had to wear a special

sling with immobilized her leg allowing the shoulder to start to heal without any pressure and then once that was removed she was then only allowed out for short periods at a time, strictly onlead with absolutely no running or jumping, it can be quite hard work keeping a young active dog quiet, calm and entertained but her foster mum has done a fantastic job with her.

Dottie has also been having physio at home supported by our vets and is in the final stage of her rehab and ready to find a suitable forever home. She will still need limited walks at the moment and these will need to be built up again over the coming weeks.

Dotty is a HUGE personality in a tiny dogs body, she is intelligent, well trained and obedient but has been a bit of a pampered princess and does like to get her own way, she bonds closely to the person she trusts (in our case her foster mum who has no issues with her) but if scared or unsure she will try and bite and she certainly wasn't comfortable with the vet nurse trying to do her physio or even the laser treatment we tried so she really does need a very confident, dog savvy owner who will take their time with her, give her plenty of space while she bonds and not to over handle her straight away or push her otherwise it will be setting her up to fail and none of us want that! Her bites have been bruising and marking the skin.

Dotty is in foster with a little elderly blind dog who takes no notice of her and she is fine with him, because she has been restricted to being on a lead she has been very vocal and reactive to any other dogs coming into the home but not aggressive. She could be homed with another very small, very placid dog who won't take any notice of her but please be prepared that this will take some time to settle them in a new home and she won't be over the moon to meet them in the first instance. She could equally be homed as the only dog in the home but if that's the case she will need someone who is at home a lot of time for company.

Dotty initially slept downstairs quietly at night but now the foster home does take her up stairs with her at night, she is house trained and is not destructive.

She absolutely loves her toys and her favourite pastime was chasing a ball in the park and garden (this is how she injured her shoulder and has of course needed to be severely restricted for now whilst she recovers). She travels ok in the care and has done really well overall with her vet visits, she is ok with the groomer too.

She will need a home with a nice secure garden to play in and with someone who can provide her with decent daily walks in a non built up area. We are told by her previous owner that she has good recall and is generally good with other dogs she meets out on walks. She isnt
suitable to live with cats and cannot be homed with children under 16yrs.

Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derbyshire but can be rehomed further afield subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £300.

If you have the experience and commitment to give the little one her forever home please email us telling us ALL about your home offer in details, including your full address and contact details to

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