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This dog is with our friends at Pupcakes Rescue and Rehabilitation in Wrangle, Lincs and we are assisting with the rehoming. (

Toby is a 16 month old male pug, he is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has a clean bill of health.

Toby has originally come to us via a breed specific rescue after several of his adoptive placements broke down due to aggression and where he had bitten on several occasions, the worst being a Level 2
bite breaking the skin and causing punctures.

Toby was a very very very spoilt boy who had been very enabled by his former owners and allowed to rule the roost and do exactly what he pleases, he's also learnt that if he didn't want to do something he
just bites as it got him his own way.

Toby has undergone EXTENSIVE rehab work at his rescue and is VASTLY improved. There have not been any incidents of aggression in months but he is likely to test the boundaries and capabilities of his new
adopter straight away so potential adopters will need to be ready for this and deal with it to stop things escalating but most importantly to stick with him and not give up straight away.

On the plus side 90% of the time Toby is the best houseguest. He's house trained, crate trained, non destructive in the home and gets on great with other dogs and cats. He's very playful and such a sweet

Toby cannot be placed with children under the age of 18 years due to his bite history and potential to bite again.

There is an adoption donation for Toby of £195, he is currently located in Wrangle nr Boston, Lincs and prospective adopters need to be prepared
to travel there to meet with him and his rescue. Subject to homecheck. 

If you feel you could have the experience to help this little chap find his forever home please email us in the first instance telling us all about yourself, your home, working hours, any other pets and of course your experience with dogs like him along with your full address and contact details to

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