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Wanda is a 1yr old Weimaraner, she is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be rehomed with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

Wanda was found dumped in a rural village by a breeder with her mother Wilma, they were skin and bone, had ear mites, demodex mange, both girls had very recently been bred from, poor Wanda was full of milk where puppies had just been taken from her.

Since being rescued they have absolutely flourished, we were able to quickly settle their tummies with good quality small regular meals multiple times a day and good supplements, there mange and sore skin
responded brilliantly to the treatment received Wanda now has a clean bill of health from our vet.
Wanda is a lovely girl, she was the more timid of the two dogs having not experienced much of life before but has really blossomed and is now much more 

confident and has become much more independent of her mum, going off on her own and choosing to play and interact with the other dogs here as much as with her mum. Wanda just takes a little time to trust but once she does she loves lots of fuss.
Wanda had clearly never lived in a house before so everything was anew experience. She is getting so much better with housetraining now but new owners will need to be continue to work with this, she will still look for food at any opportunity so care needs to be taken not to leave things within reach!

Wanda found having access to so many new things a bit tempting, she is the biggest thief and will take anything left out, including washing up out of the sink!  She has chewed some blankets up and a few other things she managed to steal when not supervised so we have been working on positive association with a crate for feeding and leaving for very short periods if being left alone and she will run into the crate and await her treat or stuffed KONG, she is of course very motivated by food.

Wanda will of course need a home with another resident neutered dog, ideally another Weimy or similar high energy breed to run with, we would consider homing her with her mum Wilma as they are close but not reliant on each other. Wanda cannot be homed with cats, small furries or livestock but may be workable around horses.  Any children in the home will need to be older (7yrs plus), dog savvy children.

Wanda loves to run and play chase with her friends here, she is FULL of energy and on the go a lot, her recall is good and she responds toa whistle better than her name. She is very eager to please which is a positive when working on her training as she doesn't even know basic commands having never been shown them. She can be a little strong and nervous on the lead but travels ok in a crate in the car. She will definitely benefit from some structured dog training classes and a new owner must be willing to put some work into this.

Wanda will need a home with someone around most of the day, especially initially while her training and settling in period is complete, she needs a home experienced with the breed or with a high energy, active breed who are prepared to give her plenty of exercise and stimulation, what she needs now is love, routine, stability and direction to help her to continue to blossom. She will need a home with a nice sized very secure garden with 6ft fences as she can clear smaller fences with ease. Being fostered in Swadlincote, Derby's but can be rehomed further afield to the right 5 star home subject to homecheck and adoption donation of £300 If you can offer this gorgeous girl a committed home after all she has been through please email us telling us all about your home offer in detail (including full address and contact number)


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